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Puresilva WebsiteA Puresilva e-commerce / CMS website solution set-up by IT ...

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Puresilva Version 2

What's new in puresilva v2.0?

BackofficeOur e-commerce / CMS template has always been subject to regular updates since its launch in April 2006, but between May-September 2007 a number of major updates were busy being developed 'offline' that has resulted in a complete new version release of the template - v2.0. Here's a run-down of the new features:-

CSS XHTML Website Design Templates

For the look and feel of your website, puresilva v2 will allow you to choose from a number of CSS XHTML W3C-compliant templates - at the click of a button - you can also very easily design your own banner to go with it. You can quickly preview your site in any of the templates - once you find one you like, click "save" and the design is applied to your site. We'll have a full working-version demo of this on very shortly. We are adding new templates all the time, and eventually we will feature literally hundreds of distinct templates for you to choose from.

Lighter Pages

All the common navigation areas of each page are cached - meaning even faster loading pages.

Customisable Base Currency

Puresilva v2 offers full support at last to businesses outside of the UK - now you can trade in your local currency - your entire website (including the backoffice) will reflect your local currency. Also your website visitors will be able to convert your prices into THEIR local currency at the click of a button (the conversion is made via live currency exchange rates).

Enquiry Form Builder

Easily build enquiry forms to capture data on your website. Want to ask your visitors something specifc? Build a form, and watch the enquiries come in to your chosen email address. You can develop unlimited forms including all the usual HTML elements : radio button, checkbox, text field, textarea and select.

Improved Content Management

Puresilva v2 offers more flexibility in terms of content management, allowing you to completely edit all navigation links and easily add links within page content. Also you can place images and files anywhere on the page now at the click of a button. You can also add pages that do not feature anywhere in the navigation - instead you can link to them wherever you like (for example, link to it within a paragraph).

Sitewide Search

The search facility will search your entire site - including products, articles/blog, forum, and general pages

Articles Support

The current news/blog facility has been improved - now you can categorise entries allowing you to turn this facility into an articles archive rather than just news updates. You can choose to add 0-7 article summaries to the front page and/or article title list onto the sidebar navigation.

More Google Adsense Options

Puresilva v2 has two levels of Adsense placement: normal and aggressive. The Normal level will display ads unobtrusively. The Aggressive level will place ads a lot more intrusively if you want a higher click rate.

More Options To Show/Hide Areas

You can show/hide the random products listed, customer feedback and alternate currencies.

Customisable Backoffice

Edit the colour / font scheme of the backoffice.

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